The treatments under Bastien‘ signature are available in the most luxurious Spas and hotels in the world. The uniqueness of his concept lies in the fusion of well-being and beauty.
 His treatment protocols are focused on the nails. Firstly on their integrity thanks to medically designed protocols; then, their shine following a buffing technique passed down to him by his grand-mother… Surprising and natural !

The other secret of these unparalleled treatments is their relaxing aspect of a genuine massage: whether during a pedicure or a manicure, a massage relieves any tensions from toes up to the legs or from fingertips up to the arms. Pure Bliss!
The Ultimate luxury is the Bastien’s Duo, a synchronized four hands treatment focused on feet, legs, hands and arms which has been several times awarded.

Bastien selects and trains every member of his team to his treatment protocols, guaranteeing the excellence of the treatments proposed under his signature all over the world.

Révérence de Bastien is a range of products for feet, hands and nails, imagined and created by Bastien Gonzalez.
He envisioned it as a sensual and generous range, with the professional collaboration of French cosmetology specialists resulting in:
– Efficient formulas using natural ingredients and essential oils.
– Innovative textures to obtain the ideal tactile pleasure.
– Olfactory identities developed to evoke a subtle and refined atmosphere to our senses.

In 2015, BGA created Foot Fetiche® by Bastien Gonzalez, a 5 step ritual aimed at getting healthy and elegant feet in one week. Also relief tensions, soothes dryness, so that finally you can enjoy your Stilettos addiction. Foot Fetiche® is a ritual allowing the feet to recover after only 7 days of application, feet become soft and supple, elasticity is increased and nails become shiny.
Foot care as an intimate pleasure …

Each foot is unique and has its own morphology and complexity.
Feet support your body all day long and that is why you need to give
particular attention to them. The BGAInsole® supports your foot in your shoe, by distributing all pressure evenly on your entire sole.

BGAInsoles® are custom-made to fit all types of shoes. They offer protection and comfort. Our products are thermoformed and personalized on your feet by French «Pédicures-Podologues».