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Healing wonders of nature captured in a spa experience!

By Karen Ho STANDING at the doorway momentarily frozen, the thought “there must be a mistake with the rooms” crosses my mind. I’m supposed to receive a nail treatment from the ‘World’s Best Nail Studio Brand’, not a dental treatment. A buff reclining chair sits in the centre of a minimalist room and beside it, a side cabinet housing some unknown paraphernalia. Condensation has gathered on a glass panel at one end of the room, which looks out to lush greenery, a hallmark of Langkawi Island’s natural beauty. A soft-spoken local woman in a white uniform beckons me to the comfy single-seater. Carefully and quietly, the petite lady removes the contents of a pouch. My mouth turns dry and butterflies start to flutter in my stomach as I watch her lay them out on the side workspace, one by one, revealing sharp-looking implements. Gulp. I look away as the therapist begins cleaning my cuticles gently and soon my muscles loosen up. But then I hear that sound — “WHIRRR!!” And my body feels like leaping off the chair to the exit. I’m not a fan of drilling sounds while confined to a chair but I brace myself, clenching whatever possible, only […]

Bien dans ses pieds

« Le sourire vient du pied », dit un proverbe chinois. C’est vrai, lorsqu’ils sont heureux, notre corps tout entier le ressent. Comme notre visage ou nos mains, ils méritent donc toutes nos attentions. Et pas seulement à l’arrivée des beaux jours… Par Ariane Le Febvre Dans une vie, chacun de nous fait en moyenne cinq fois le tour de la terre en marchant. Nos pieds sont nos fondations, nos racines. Ils nous portent et nous maintiennent fermement amarrés au sol. Pourtant, sitôt les sandales de l’été rangées, nous les laissons souvent à l’abandon, ni vus ni connus, dans nos chaussettes et nos bottes fourrées. Et si nous avons parfois honte de les montrer lorsque le soleil pointe le nez, c’est tout simplement parce qu’ils n’ont pas été soignés. Apprenez à aimer vos pieds… toute l’année. Il est injuste de ne penser à eux que lorsqu’ils souffrent. Avec leurs sept mille deux cents terminaisons nerveuses, ils sont ultrasensibles. Pour leur consacrer la juste dose d’attention (ni trop, ni trop peu), voici notre programme « pieds heureux », à faire tous les jours ou seulement de temps en temps. Tous les jours Oubliez la pierre ponce ou la râpe. Plus vous l’utiliserez, […]

Why it could be handy to take off your nail polish before bed otherwise, discovers SARAH VINE, there could be some painful consequences!

By SARAH VINE FOR THE DAILY MAIL PUBLISHED: 22:15 GMT, 17 February 2019 | Sarah Vine met expert pedicurist to the starts Bastien Gonzales in London He says nail polish should be treated like make-up and worn on special occasions UV lamps which are used to dry the nails can as much damage as sunbeds  How long do you keep your make-up on?’ asks Bastien Gonzales, fixing me with his rather beautiful chocolate brown eyes. ‘Er, a few hours?’ I say. ‘Precisely,’ he sighs, returning his attention to my big toe. ‘So please tell me, why is it that women wear nail polish for weeks on end. It is make-up for the nails. It should be only for special occasions.’ I must confess I have never thought of it this way. Like millions of women, I am a convert to long-wear gel nail polish, the kind of high-shine stuff that lasts for weeks and has to be melted off with acetone, tin foil and elbow grease. The kind you can get in nail bars across Britain, that has, in a fundamental way, transformed the way most women look. Like all things that are easy and convenient, one tends to ignore the downsides. Gel […]

Distilling the Datai

Fresh From a yearlong renovation to mark its 25th anniversary, a legendary Langkawi resort has been updated and upgraded, embracing its rain Forest setting as never before. By Christopher p. Hill “The entire paleo-geological history of Malaysia—More than half a billion years’ worth—happened to this tiny island,” declares Irshad Mobarak over dinner on the terrace of The Datai’s Beach Club restaurant. “All kinds of rock substrate were laid down over the eons: sandstone, limestone, shale, mudstone, chert. So there’s an in- credible diversity of soil types too. This means lots of different flora, which in turn means lots of different butterflies—535 species in all, almost nine times what they have in the United Kingdom, and more than twice the number found in Sri Lanka. It’s incredible.” And there’s plenty more than butterflies lurking in the dense rain forests and mangrove fringes of Langkawi, a 370-square-kilometer island off peninsular Malaysia’s Kedah coast. Just ask Mobarak. The self-taught naturalist has called Langkawi home for the last three decades, during which time he has acquired an encyclopedic knowledge of the local wildlife. His statistics include 260 species of birds, among them three types of hornbills, Asian fairy bluebirds, racket- tailed drongos, and brahminy […]

Foot fetish: where to find the world’s best pedicure

By LEE TULLOCH.  Why this hotel pedicure ranks among the best in the world. “A jungle on the island of Langkawi is the most unlikely place to find the world’s best pedicure. And yet guests of the newly reimagined island icon The Datai Langkawi now have the opportunity to experience Pedi:Mani:Cure by Bastien Gonzalez, the Frenchman known as ‘The Foot Virtuoso.’ Gonzalez is world-famous for charging his celebrity, athletic and royal clients US$1,500 for a pedicure and regularly is fetched by private plane to attend to the world’s most pampered feet. If that sounds a bit obnoxious, it’s not at all. I met Gonzalez at the reopening party for The Datai and this charming, fascinating man is an oracle of all things foot-related. If you have podaphilia he’s the man you should know. I learnt more information about feet in 30 minutes than I’d known my whole life. The nail studio is tucked away at the back of The Datai’s new spa, overlooking a pretty stream and open to the jungle. When I was there a marauding male macaque monkey would sometimes appear to steal teacups out of the hands of guests relaxing after therapies. Gonzalez says he only has his studios in […]

Hot-foot it to the pedi king for the £140 makeover

“Everyone knows a Renault Twingo is in a different class to an Aston Martin. Ditto cava and champagne. Or one of the Kardashians and Amal Clooney. The same goes for pedicures. Not all are created equal. But pedicures are my favourite beauty treatment. Full stop. No argument. The results are immediate and satisfying. Arrive with gnarly pieds and leave an hour later with super- soft, rejuvenated feet that in no way resemble a hobbit’s. Price isn’t necessarily an indicator of how good it’ll be, either. I’ve had some of my best for $25 (about £20) at suspicious- looking salons in New York, and some of my worst in fancy five-star hotels (where a therapist might do only one pedicure a week). In a nail salon, by comparison, practice makes perfect and practitioners are as deft with a paintbrush as a Japanese miniaturist. You might think a pedicure is just a form of grooming – all show and no self-care. But the good ones on offer comes to luxury pedicures, Bastien Gonzalez is king. The French chiropodist has the tanned, suave appearance of an international jet-setter and traverses the globe to keep the feet of the have-yachts looking sublime. He has […]

A Pied d’Oeuvre

Pédicure-podologue, Bastien Gonzalez veille sur les pieds de la hype et du sport. Orfèvre de la semelle, il nous raconte comment les pieds, et la prise de conscience des soins qu’ils méritent, influent désormais sur les performances du haut niveau. PAR CLAIRE BYACHE “C’est la recherche de la perfection qui m’inspire. Ce triptyque magique : simple, juste, efficace. J’ai créé 21 studios dans le monde. L’idée, c’est d’allier soin de la peau, finition beauté et dimension bien-être via des techniques et des protocoles très spécifiques. À Hong Kong, mon équipe et moi collaborons avec le Hong Kong Sports Institute. L’agent d’un de leurs sportifs a repéré notre travail et nous a approchés pour le cas particulier de Wong Chak Lam Coleman, un jeune prodige du tennis mondial. Même pas 14 ans, un corps hors normes et des performances en conséquence. Pour lui, nous concevons des semelles spécifiques à ses appuis, capables de diminuer la fatigabilité de ses pieds. Car, ne pas oublier une chose la biomécanique du pied est la plus complexe du corps humain. 26 os, 51 muscles, 103 ligaments… Cela fait beaucoup d’éléments à interpréter. Tous ces petits os s’articulent les uns avec les autres et l’ensemble constitue un […]

La meilleure façon de marcher en ville

Article de Marion Louis |  Le 04 octobre 2018 “48,8 millions de Français vivent en milieu urbain… Au milieu du bruit, des gaz d’échappement, des chausse-trappes des chaussées, ce qui n’incite guère à partir à l’assaut du macadam. Pour beaucoup de citadins, marcher devient même une nécessité. La voiture perd du terrain ; sans pistes cyclables, le vélo reste dangereux ; la trottinette, quelque peu puérile ; les transports en communs pas toujours pratiques et praticables. Restent nos pieds… Plutôt que de transpirer dans une salle de sport bondée ou d’attendre les vacances pour dérouiller ses articulations, notre corps et notre esprit peuvent se réapproprier l’espace urbain. Pas besoin de partir pour Compostelle pour trouver les chemins de la sagesse. Si trotter, flâner, baguenauder, musarder, gambader représentait l’ultime liberté ? Le secret des happy feet Pour arpenter ruelles et boulevards l’esprit et le pas léger, il faut avoir bon oeil… Et bon pied. Ah, qu’il est douloureux le cri du cor sur le pavé ! Toutes condamnées à trotter en baskets ou à boitiller en escarpins ? Celui qu’on appelle le prince des pieds nus, le pédicure podologue Bastien Gonzalez sait de quoi il parle. Les orteils de Cate Blanchett, de Naomi Campbell et même ceux […]

Launch of the new soles BGA INSOLES sport

Launch of the new soles BGA INSOLES sport: BGA Insoles Sport evolutions who consists of 3 new pairs of soles which were presented for the first time in Hong-Kong, in June, 2017: B-infinite, B-Dynamic and B-reactive with each its specificities. B-infinite addresses a public of people who practise the running or quite different sport (a preservation of the strengthened foot) B-reactive will accompany the sportsmen of “lawn”, such as the soccer, rudby, where there are changes of direction and many supports. Finally, the pair B-Dynamic was designed to accompany the movement of feet with dynamism and lightness: completed for the sports of support as the tennis.