How To have shine natural nails ?

Bastien advises you to apply a buffing cream containing mother of pearl pigments, which, when buffed into the nail using Bastien’s grandmother’s secret – a Chamois leather buffer – left your toenails looking as shiny as if they had a coat of clear polish!


 Never wear nail varnish for more than three days at a time

You never wear make-up for longer than a day, Bastien explains, but for some reason we feel quite comfortable wearing the same coats of nail polish for weeks at a time.

In order to keep the nail healthy, Bastien says you should give it a night off every three days. Exposing the nail to varnish for long periods of time can damage it, which will make you want to wear more nail polish to cover up discolouration and flaking – and so begins a vicious circle.


 Never let a pedicurist massacre your feet

Some of the most brutal damage to feet is caused not by stilettos, but by ruthless pedicurists, says Bastien. Cutting and pushing cuticles and assaulting toenails with scissors is an absolute no-no. “The cuticle is there for a reason – to protect the nail bed,” he explains.


Give your nails a polish at bathtime

Keep your nails free of dead skin cells by gently exfoliating the area where the nail meets the skin with a toothbrush when you bath or after you shower. You can help maintain your nails’ shine also by drying them individually with your towel after you bath or shower.


This removes soap and shampoo build-up which can collect on your feet when you wash. In this way, you can keep your toes Bastien-shiny without varnish for up to six months after a Bastien Gonzalez pedicure.


Make sure your shoes are the right size and shape

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