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Bastien Gonzalez – Portrait

Bastien Gonzalez

A ski aficionado since his early childhood, Bastien went on to become a ski instructor at the Lioran station in Auvergne. It was there that a bad fall would alter the course of his future. Whilst undergoing physiotherapy, he met a podiatrist. It would be the catalyst for his career, and in 1997 he obtained his Podiatry Diploma at the Assas school in Paris.

Bastien Gonzalez’s career as a pedicure-podiatrist began in a private medical clinic in Paris’ famous Place des Vosges, after which he quickly established partnerships in the city’s most luxurious hotels such as the Hotel Costes and Le Bristol, offering his bespoke treatments. Thereafter, he began travelling internationally to meet with and cater to his private clients. With an unwavering passion for his trade, Bastien Gonzalez is constantly in pursuit of perfection. In doing so, he seized the opportunity to further develop the French pedicure market by expanding his business in dedicated spas within some of the world’s most beautiful hotels. This was how he conceptualised the first PediSpa – which would later become the Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio by Bastien Gonzalez, numerous now worldwide.

Bastien and his team continue to push the boundaries in the evolution of his ‘haute couture’ treatment rituals. Three foundations embody his philosophy:

  • Unique treatment concepts, developed by experts in the French medical pedicure field.
  • Specialised, innovative products.
  • Passionate, highly qualified, meticulously-trained teams.

A pioneer in the field of bespoke hand and foot beauty for over two decades, Bastien Gonzalez draws upon his unique global vision, vast network and 360-degree perspective in crafting and delivering exceptional openings and successful operations. Whilst aspiring to the highest standards can certainly be challenging, Bastien Gonzalez and his international team have the expertise to deliver innovation, services and creative solutions to every partnership, every project and every guest experience.


2000 – 20022000 – 2002


Enfant du pays Auvergnat, Bastien grandit entre Brive-la-Gaillarde et Treignac, en France  Born in the region of Auvergne in France, Bastien grew up between the towns of Brive-la-Gaillarde and Treignac.


Moniteur de Ski en Auvergne, avant sa blessure qui l’emmènera sur la voie de ses études en pedicurie-podologie

Pictured during his time as a ski instructor, before the injury that would later lead him to undertake his studies in podiatry.


Diplôme Assas, Paris, Diplôme d’Etat Pedicure-Podologue

He obtained his Diploma in Podiatry from the Assas School in Paris.


Bastien Gonzalez ouvre son cabinet place des Vosges à Paris

Bastien Gonzalez opens his own office in Paris’ Place des Vosges.


Bastien Gonzalez débute sa tribune dans le journal local « Ras-les-Pieds » – Premiers soins autour de la piscine du célèbre hôtel Costes à Paris

Bastien Gonzalez starts his own tribune in “Ras-les-Pieds”, the local newspaper. – His first treatments, performed poolside at the famous Hotel Costes in Paris.

2000 – 2002

Voyages et Presse Internationale : Bastien Gonzalez, « pédicure des Stars »

Following many travels and international press, he is dubbed the ‘pedicurist to the stars’.


Ouverture du Premier PediSpa Bastien Gonzalez avec l’hotel Touessrock puis One&Only Le Saint-Géran à l’ile Maurice

Opening of the first Bastien Gonzalez PediSpa at the Tousserock Hotel, shortly followed by the One&Only Le Saint-Géran in Mauritius.


Conceptualisation des soins de Bastien Gonzalez, sous la marque Pedi :Mani :Cure Studio by Bastien Gonzalez : Ile Maurice, Les Maldives, Dubai

Signature Bastien Gonzalez treatments were conceptualised, operating under the brand Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio by Bastien Gonzalez (in Mauritius, the Maldives and Dubai).


Lancement du Vernis Only&Only Red, en partenariat avec la chaîne d’hotels de luxe One&Only.

Launch of the One&Only Red Varnish, in partnership with One&Only Hotels and Resorts.


Les soins signés Bastien Gonzalez sont récompensés lors de la cérémonie des World Spa Awards « Plus Belle Marque de soins pour les ongles » (World Best Nail Studio Brand), organisée pour la première fois au Vietnam


Lancement du concept de semelles sur-mesure dans les Pedi :Mani :Cure Studio sous la marque BGA Insoles®

Launch of BGA Insoles®: made-to-measure, tailored insoles within Pedi:Mani:Cure Studios.


Réflexion autour d’une gamme de produit Foot Fetiche By Bastien Gonzalez : Do it Yourself, un programme de soin à la maison, simple, accessible et ludique.

Creation of a product line for accessible, simple yet playful self-care at home – Foot Fetiche by Bastien Gonzalez.


Ouverture du premier Show-Room Révérence de Bastien à Paris, au n°8 de la Galerie Vero Dodat, entre Le Louvre et Le Palais Royal

Opening of the first Révérence de Bastien Showroom in Paris, at n°8 Galerie Vero-Dodat, between the Louvre and Palais Royal.


Ouverture de la plate-forme de conditionnement et de logistique en Corrèze, région natale de Bastien Gonzalez – Lancement du Premier Parfum de Cheville par Bastien

Opening of the central warehouse and development centre in Corrèze, where Bastien Gonzalez was born. – Launch of the first Ankle Perfume by Bastien.

 A Conversation with Bastien Gonzalez: The Best Pedicure in the World

dialogue avec le PDG Executive du groupe LUX Collection