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BGA Insoles

BGA Insoles ® is a concept developed exclusively to relieve foot pain and reduce the appearance of hyperkeratosis, or thickening of the skin, corns and calluses. Because every foot is unique in its morphology and complexity, BGA Insoles ® are made to measure, and adaptable to all kinds of shoes to offer protection and comfort.

Their role:

  • Supplement and add a layer of volume to the pads of the feet, absorbing shocks thanks to a padded layer
  • Stop any sagging or imbalance by spreading the pressure over the entire surface of the sole
  • Cushion any knocks or bumps
  • Bring better balance to the whole body
  • The foot is protected, cushioned and supported.

BGA Insoles ® are suitable for everyday use as well as the most demanding and high impact sporting activities and are individually fashioned by podiatrists at the Pedi:Mani:Cure Studios by Bastien Gonzalez.


« Be Nest »

BGA Insoles maximise the volume of the padding of the heel by propelling your step as you walk, providing optimal comfort.

« Be Comfortable »

Tailored foam pads under the soles of the feet increase the sensation of comfort.

« Be Guided »

Your heel absorbs the weight of the body before transferring it to the front of the foot. BGA Insoles guide this weight transfer when you are on the move.

« Be Unique »

BGA Insoles are customed molded to adapt perfectly to your feet and shoes.