Healing wonders of nature captured in a spa experience!

By Karen Ho

STANDING at the doorway momentarily frozen, the thought “there must be a mistake with the rooms” crosses my mind.

I’m supposed to receive a nail treatment from the ‘World’s Best Nail Studio Brand’, not a dental treatment.

A buff reclining chair sits in the centre of a minimalist room and beside it, a side cabinet housing some unknown paraphernalia.

Condensation has gathered on a glass panel at one end of the room, which looks out to lush greenery, a hallmark of Langkawi Island’s natural beauty.

A soft-spoken local woman in a white uniform beckons me to the comfy single-seater. Carefully and quietly, the petite lady removes the contents of a pouch.

My mouth turns dry and butterflies start to flutter in my stomach as I watch her lay them out on the side workspace, one by one, revealing sharp-looking implements. Gulp.

I look away as the therapist begins cleaning my cuticles gently and soon my muscles loosen up.

But then I hear that sound — “WHIRRR!!” And my body feels like leaping off the chair to the exit. I’m not a fan of drilling sounds while confined to a chair but I brace myself, clenching whatever possible, only to feel light vibrations on my fingernail, like a mild electric toothbrush.

The therapist calmly explains that this painless procedure removes dead skin between the nail and skin. Curiosity and concern appeased, my body and mind surrender to the hum of soft vibrations.


It’s one thing to experience a manicure in the midst of The Datai Langkawi’s enchanting environment. It’s another to experience an award-winning sophisticated approach to feet, hands and nail treatments, designed by French chiropodist Bastien Gonzalez.

For the last four consecutive years, PEDI:MANI:CURE STUDIOS has taken the top accolade in its category at the World Spa Awards. A combination of these two desirable experiences unexpectedly soothes me into a snooze.

I’m woken by the same drilling sound but continue to drift in and out of sleep, half aware that someone is buffing my nails with an unusual-looking ergonomic natural horn buffer.

This buffing technique can apparently improve blood circulation for the nails while increasing regenerative effects. It’s an example of how this nail studio brand fuses beauty with wellness, a concept focusing on the health of one’s hands and feet, not just the aesthetics.

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