Launch of the B-GUA SHA, massage accessory for feet and hands

Launch of the B_GuaSha by the brand Révérence de Bastien.

With its original shape design (“B” – “Wing” – “Feet”), this luxury “guasha” accessory, handsculpted in France with Limoges porcelain and gold leaf, is your new “must have”.
The glamorous accessory is made from a 100% natural blend of kaolin. It provides a gentle massage for the feet and hands, improving circulation, relieving tension and giving the skin a natural radiance.
It is an elegant self-care tool that combines the power of minerals and the intrinsic wisdom of the body’s revitalizing prowess.

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Cleanse the skin and apply your cream to facilitate the massage. Massage each side of the feet / hands separately for maximum results. Slide the tool from the toes up to the heel and between each toe. To maximize the benefits, stimulate relaxation, and reduce inflammation, place the porcelain tool in the refrigerator for a few minutes or run it under cold water.
The chilled surface will stimulate blood circulation, the expulsion of toxins, and the production of collagen.