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Professional Training

Professionl Training – BGA Cor

BGA Corp proposes a comprehensive training in the concept of ”Pédicurologie”:

a new approach to foot care, by expanding your theoretical and practical knowledge so that you may provide a superior quality of care in your treatment facility.

Pedicurology® is based on the same three fundamental pillars which are :

  • A holistic approach to the foot (anatomy, …)
  • The care of the nail
  • Modeling (massage)

Level 1

Do you own a beauty salon and want to train your team on “Professional Foot Beauty”?

This one-day training allows you to acquire or deepen your knowledge of the structure of the foot and of the nails. A yellowing nail? White spots? Cracked heels or dry feet ? Learn the how to properly address these concerns with your clients by following the advice of a podiatrist.

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Level 2

BGA Corp offers exclusive hand, foot and nail treatments to hotel spas. The company can, with the support of a team of podiatrists, assist the spas in guaranteeing the quality of the treatments offered.

After an initial training lasting several weeks, the spa therapists are monitored on a monthly basis via an e-Learning platform which they can access individually with personalised performance reviews.

Level 2 is accessible subject to a two-year collaboration agreement between BGA Corp and the hotel partner.