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Beauty Expertise

Feet – Hands – Nails


BGAcademy® is a training center offering specialized courses in foot, hand and nail care, tailored specifically to the wellness and beauty industry.

As a center of excellence, BGAcademy® provides a customized Training Program in ‘Pédicurologie®’ and ‘Manicurologie’ dedicated to wellness institutes, spas, beauty centers, and clinics to enhance their existing hand, feet, and nail treatment brochure. The teaching program is characterized by a holistic approach to skincare and nail care, including natural and healthy nail brightness, with its uniqueness lying in the synergy between clinical knowledge, beauty, and wellness.

The training protocols, developed by Bastien Gonzalez, are delivered by certified podiatrists who have comprehensive Knowledge in anatomy, pathology, hygiene standards, as well as specific massage, instrument manipulation, care techniques and product use for feet, hands, and nails.